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Are you passionate about local food? Would you like to help promote local food producers and educate people about choosing local? Or do you want to learn more about aquaponics and have some spare time to lend a hand? Volunteers are always welcome!

We need your help! PortFish, Ltd is involved in many aspects relating to local food and needs your help to continue with our mission. We have many costs, from employment to manage the Winter/Spring Farmers’ Market activities, website management and fees, and part time help to maintain the aquaponics project. PortFish aquaponics Model 3 has ongoing maintenance costs, as well as expenditures for special equipment. Currently, a large purchase we need to make is for fans and thermostat controls in anticipation of the summer weather, to maintain proper temperatures for the system in addition to the recurring costs for growing and fish supplies, building rent, and utilities.

To date, PortFish has received a few small cash donations from generous contributors as well as helpful gifts of equipment and building supplies during the re-hab of the aquaponics building. We are also grateful and have also benefited greatly from the in-kind donations of service from local carpenters and contractors.

You can help support the project and our mission by sending a donation.
PortFish Ltd is a 501(c)(3) organization; your donations are tax deductible!

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