The Wonders of Living Foods

tomatoby Tricia DuSaint

Living Food is food that is organically grown and in its original, uncooked state. When we eat foods in the form that nature intended them, our bodies can often digest them more easily so that we can better assimilate the needed vitamins, minerals and enzymes. This can help us look and feel better, with greater energy and vitality.

When one cooks food at 118º or higher for longer than one minute, many of the enzymes are destroyed. Enzymes are proteins found in living cells which act as catalysts responsible for synthesizing, joining and duplicating chains of amino acids which are important in building and renewing the body.

Enzymes facilitate metabolism; without them many of the body’s chemical reactions could not take place. Many Americans are deficient in enzymes because the Standard American Diet (or SAD) is highly processed, refined and generally cooked at high temperatures. As a result, the food is dead and often toxic; ongoing consumption of it can seriously stress the organs. Over time, this may lead to obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes type II, allergies, arthritis, etc.

Increasing the percentage of raw, living foods in the daily diet, while eliminating the refined, highly processed foods, has helped many people regain their health and to feel better than they thought possible.

Stay tuned for two living foods recipes using seasonal produce later this week!

*Tricia DuSaint, M.S., is an educational psychologist and holistic therapist, a certified Living Foods Instructor and a Steering Committee member of Transition Ozaukee. This article has been reprinted with permission from the Ozaukee Living Local Newsletter.

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