Reminder ~ PortFish Roadside Market Stand!

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portfish-roadside-marketSummer weather, summer meals! As the weather warms up for the first week of fall, pick up some greens and herbs for your dinner.

PortFish, Ltd is having a Roadside Market Stand on Tuesday evenings!
Stop by on your way home from work tonight! We’re right off the highway in Knellsville, just north of Port Washington!

We plan to run this stand weekly, through the summer. If you have any questions, you can reach us through Facebook or via our contact form. See you there!



Roadside Market Stand

PortFish Ltd Aquaponics
3781 County Road KW
Knellsville, WI
(SE corner of the old Port mill)

Tuesdays: all summer

Specialty lettuce, greens, herbs, tomatoes and more!

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