Meet The Vendors: Produce with Purpose

Our vendors are the heart and soul of the Winter Farmers’ Market! Take a moment to learn more about a socially active, sustainable vegetable farm and CSA!

producewithpurposeProduce with Purpose Farm is a sustainable vegetable and fruit micro-farm located just outside of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Their goal is to provide fresh, safe food for our local communities while maintaining reasonable prices, respecting our environment and being socially active in ending extreme poverty in the world. The owners of the farm, Dawn and Rick, are passionate about a couple of things: the importance of ‘real’ food and helping small farmers around the world—particularly in Africa. Realizing how broken our current food systems are, the couple set out to grow healthy, organically grown food which they offer directly to the public through farmer’s markets and their CSA. A percentage of the profits go to benefit small farmers through their organization called Rural Empowerment Initiative (REI). PWP works with small farmers in the philosophy of a hand up…not a hand out. When you support Produce with Purpose, not only are you getting some local, highly nutritional, great tasting produce and fruit, but you are impacting poverty in parts of the world that just need a break. Produce with Purpose creates a cascade of community benefits: healthy soil grows healthy food and healthy food makes for healthy people.

Know your farmer; know your food.
Produce with Purpose Farm is nestled in the so called “Holy Land” just outside of Fond du lac, on a little over an acre of sustainable land. Learn more or contact Produce with Purpose through their website or Facebook. They often participate in the Port Washington Winter-Spring Farmers’ Market, where you can get terrific fresh produce directly from the farmer.

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