Meet the Vendors: PortFish, Ltd

PortFish Aquaponics GreensOur vendors are the heart and soul of the Port Washington Winter Farmers’ Market! Take a moment to learn more about one of the sponsors (and founders!) of the Winter Farmers’ Market, PortFish, Ltd.

PortFish, Ltd is a non-profit located on the north side of Port Washington, two blocks from Interstate 43. We have a 4,400 square foot aquaponics facility where we grow a range of greens and some fruiting plants. The greenhouse was completed in the summer of 2012 and it houses an array of seasonal produce, which is fed by the nutrient-rich waste water of yellow perch. This is aquaponics.


During the Port Washington Winter Farmer’s Market we are selling a variety of lettuces and herbs. Lettuces varieties include Bibb, Pak Choi, as well as red and green Romaine. Herbs often available are chives, basil, rosemary, sage, watercress, and thyme. Each of these items is harvested the evening before the market and are about as fresh as you can hope for. For information about aquaponics and how to get a taste of locally grown delicacies, visit us at the Port Washington Winter Farmer’s Market or contact Michael at 262-685-8003 to get the grower’s opinion.

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PortFish Ltd typically sells at every Winter Farmers’ Market
during the season – be sure to stop by to say hello!

Check out the fresh and fabulous greens we bring
to the Port Winter Market!PortFish Aquaponics Lettuce and Herbs

 Check out our Facebook gallery for progress photos, event photos, and more!

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