Meet The Vendors: Little Mountain Apiary

Our vendors are the heart and soul of the Winter Farmers’ Market! Take a moment to learn more about an area honey farm that offers a variety of sweet products.

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Little Mountain Apiaries is a family-owned and operated honey farm based in Port Washington. The venture started as a passion about 2 years ago that has grown steadily, and continues to grow.

They simply love being outside working with the bees. Most people don’t understand how gentle bees actually are and most of the time they can work with them without any protection on. What bees do for all of us, is way more than the sweet honey they produce.

The family actually has numerous yards throughout Washington, Sheboygan, Ozaukee Fond du Lac and Dodge counties and within those locations, they are running around 150 of colonies of bees this year.

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They produce all-natural, high quality, raw honey through small batch processing and straining, to give you the best in traditional taste and texture. Their extracting process involves keeping the honey raw with very low heat. All they do is honey products, and it’s their belief that their honey tastes as close to comb honey as it gets.

Little Mountain Apiary can often be found at the Port Washington Winter-Spring Farmers’ Market.  The next (and last of the season!) market takes place on Saturday, May 25th 2013. You can contact Little Mountain Apiary on their Facebook page, too!

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  1. Interested in buying your honey. Where are you located in Port Washington?

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