Meet The Vendors: Conscious Bath

Our vendors are the heart and soul of the Winter Farmers’ Market! Take a moment to learn more about a local soap and lotion company that offers a variety of luxurious bath products.

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We are proud to offer our handcrafted soaps made with Certified Organic vegetable oils and pure plant-based Essential Oils. Each bar offers it’s own blend of therapeutic qualities as well as a wonderfully pleasing scent. Many are made incorporating a blend of luxuriously moisturizing Shea, Cocoa and Mango Butters that help retain moisture on the skin. All of our soaps are handmade in small batches, and all retain the glycerin that is so important in the production of a moisturizing soap. No synthetic fragrances, no chemical colorants, no commercially grown vegetable oils utilizing chemical fertilizers and/or herbicides–ever.
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What began as an interest in making homemade soap from organic ingredients for our family quickly escalated into a passionate desire to share these quality products on a larger scale.   Like yours, our family has always concerned ourselves with the effects of our personal choices on the larger population, animals and the planet.  We seek out organic ingredients, we grow a vegetable garden, we compost our produce and yard waste, we are careful about our energy use, we car pool and conserve gasoline, we choose simplicity, we attempt to support the local economy by making purchases close to home, we’ve replaced windows and appliances with energy efficient models, and like you, we basically reduce, recycle and conserve wherever we can.   We seriously take these matters to heart and are happy to do so.  We’re doing the same things increasing numbers of Americans are doing across the country.

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You can contact Conscious Bath through their website or Facebook, and they can often be found at the Port Washington Winter-Spring Farmers Market.



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