Meet The Vendors: Burkel Family Farm

Our vendors are the heart and soul of the Winter Farmers’ Market! Take a moment to learn more about an area farm that offers a variety of wonderful items to eat, as well as unique handcrafted items – Burkel Family Farm.

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We are a 5th generation family farm located on the rolling hills of northern Fredonia, and we offer a variety of quality, all-natural products ranging from pasture raised meats and eggs to unique, handcrafted wooden wares and specialty gifts.

We raise only Black Angus cattle on a purely grass based diet. The cattle is never feed any grain or antibiotics, and they spend three out of the four seasons in the fields and pastures. They have a fresh supply of new grasses every day. They are free to do what cows do… eat, loaf, and investigate their surroundings. Our “eggmobile” is a key component for our beef operation. It houses our two-year old free ranging egg layers. The chickens stay very close to the cattle, which keeps predators at bay, but it also helps keep the insects down as they are aggressive foragers. It also provides some great quality eggs. We have a very holistic view of agriculture. We absolutely believe our product has to be good, but at the same time, we feel our model has to be the best option for our land and our family. Farming is not an industrial process, it is a biological process. Our farm has lots of hills, and by adopting a grazing program we can promote conservation by reducing run off and soil erosion. Moreover, our cattle actively redistribute nutrients, which increases the overall productivity of our soils. Our chickens complement the cattle by aggressively foraging for insects and bugs. Our bees pollinate the numerous legumes and flowers of our pastures which increases plant diversity and productivity. It really is about the big picture. What we do is for the long term.

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We regularly offer an assortment of our cutting boards, trivets, and wine bottle stoppers. We have many patterns and designs with all different wood combinations. Our goal is to have something that has eye appeal and contrast, but yet is very functional – and our handcrafted cutting boards are very durable. Whenever possible, we use Wisconsin hardwood. Our main hardwood supplier/logger is based out of the Wisconsin Dells area. In addition, we also manufacture jewelry racks, cribbage boards, checker boards, wooden toys, tea (pagoda) boxes, chests, rocking chairs, and other small furniture items. We can also do custom orders! If you have an idea we could probably build it!

You can contact Burkel Family Farm via email, on their website,
or call them at 1-920-838-1920

They will also be at the Port Washington Winter-Spring Farmers’ Market on March 30th – be sure to stop by to say hello!

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