How “Local” is Local Food?

Thanks to Marliss Rogers of Port Washington for her thoughts on the Nov 12th Winter Farmer’s Market below.


photo by Angela Rester

HOW LOCAL IS LOCAL? On Saturday, November 12, the Winter Farmers Market, in cooperation with the Ozaukee Community Awareness Forum, presented Deborah Jackman and Patrick Volmann of Noel Farms CSA, who gave us many great ideas about how to cook and store root veggies — Patrick even brought some of the foam materials he used to construct a “root cellar” in one of their outbuildings. We were then treated to a taste of Deborah’s roasted beets (another good way to cook this worthy vegetable) — delicious. (These treats were offered to everyone who came that day until they were gone.)


Too much of the food in supermarkets comes from over 1500 miles way, causing a great deal of pollution in its transportation. Much of this pollution can be avoided if local foods are purchased. How local is local? Usually, purchases made within 50 miles or so are considered local — that means southern Wisconsin for us; many good cheeses, veggies, fruits and meats, which originate in that local area, are sold at the farmers markets, both summer and winter. We need to take advantage of these opportunities, even if we give the farmers a few cents more (in the case of meats, a few dollars more!) We will be getting fresher foods of great variety. Maybe we’ll even learn to love root veggies! And we get to visit with friends and neighbors, an extra gift.

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