Buy Local! Gluten Free Sorghum options


sorghumplant What the heck is sorghum? Sorghum is one of the largest cultivated grains, along with wheat, barley, oats, and corn. It is primarily grown for animal feed. As a staple for humans, sorghum grain can be eaten by the gluten intolerant and is typically made into porridge, flour, and syrup. The plant is very high in fiber and iron, with a fairly high protein level as well. An added bonus to sorghum syrup is that it’s a low glycemic sweetener that diabetics can use in their diet. One of the varieties, sweet sorghum, can be crushed and the juice cooked for a sweet syrup that can be used to sweeten our food. It also makes a tasty option for vegans to use in recipes that call for honey.

Similar to traditional molasses, sorghum syrup is a liquid that can be served for use on hot cereal, pancakes, and waffles and it also makes a wonderful sweetener for baked goods. Sorghum syrup has a unique flavor that is slightly bitter yet sweet with an earthy, molasses quality.


You can find sorghum syrup and other sorghum products at the
Port Washington Winter Farmers’ Market, provided by Wittgreve’s Rolling Meadows Sorghum Mill.



This article was re-printed with permission from the Ozaukee Living Local newsletter.

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