August progress photos! PortFish Aquaponics Model 3

August progress brings the beginning of some plant beds and more additions to the fish habitat space for the PortFish Model 3 Aquaponics System! Several other projects continue to be a work in progress.

Pardon our dust! As we continue to transition our aquaponics system into the operations mode, the greenhouse plants should have running water before Labor Day, and more plant beds will be added.  PortFish Ltd was also able to acquire 100 2-3″ yellow perch from UW Milwaukee, as part of a research project.  Thanks UWM!   Stayed tuned for more updates!

Check out the entire collection of progress photos in more detail in our Facebook gallery.

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Please visit the aquaponics page to see the floor plan and other details about the project.

Want to learn more about aquaponics and have some spare time to lend a hand? Volunteers are always welcome! You can also support the project by sending a donation. PortFish Ltd is a 501(c)(3) organization and your donations are tax deductible.



  1. Aquaponics is usually defined as a hybrid of two existing methods: aquaculture and hydroponics. Aquaculture is the process of raising fish in closed systems. Hydroponics, on the other hand, endeavours to produce fresh fruits and vegetables using water alone; with no soil as done traditionally. When you combine these two older systems, you get aquaponics.

    • J, I would say that is a valid definition of aquaponics.

      Typically, people want to know about the fish, but the reality of aquaponics is that it is more about the produce. We raise yellow perch, but plan to start up a new system with several additional biologicals.

      Right now we have about 300 lettuce plants that are one to four weeks from maturity. However, the PortFish Model 3 facility was just started in September-October and we do not expect real output for at least another one to two to three months.

      We hope to be selling at the Port Washington Winter Farmers Market on January 26th.

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