“Food is our  common ground;
a universal experience.”
James Beard

PortFish, Ltd is a nonprofit organization formed to address, and raise awareness about, issues and concerns regarding our current and future food supply.  Our hope is to establish an independent, local, sustainable, and year-round food system in our community; developing a working model that other communities can follow.

PortFish is experimenting with alternative growing systems, including aquaponics and hydroponics, that can produce food for our community year-round.

Consumers and retailers can purchase our greens direct from our facility through our CSA.

We seek to educate local communities about sustainable and healthy alternatives to food production and supply, and to engage communities in actively exploring alternatives.

Feed Everyone

Schedule a tour for your group at our facility at 3781 County Road KW in Knellsville (just north of downtown Port Washington).

 Email info@portfish.org for more information!

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