PortFish, Ltd Aquaponics

PortFish, Ltd Aquaponics serves to explore a year-round controlled environment food production system that looks to the future and distributes vegetables and fish that are produced in this system.

Port Washington Winter Farmers' Market

The Port Washington Winter Farmers’ Market extends seasonal connections between food producers and artisans to consumers in hopes to meet a growing demand for year-round local food.

Year Round Greens

PortFish Ltd offers a great selection of greens, herbs, specialty lettuce, grown year round in our aquaponics facility. Contact us on Facebook, or come and see us at the Port Winter Farmers' Market.

Latest News

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Bacon wrapped Monk fish at the twisted willow in Port Washington featuring our radish microgreens. Stop in tonight for dinner laughs and a warm..

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Are you aware of the benefits of microgreens? Research indicates that most plants are actually healthier when eaten at less than two weeks old..

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Wondering about the TTID and what it means for local food? Take a look at this! http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/27636-united-nations-calls-for-an-end-to-industrialized-farming

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On this Sunday morning we trust that you’ve had a warm weekend with your friends and family. If the kitchen isn’t cleaned up from the festivities,..

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